Creative learning for children ages 3-13
July 3 - 28, 2017

Focus on Filmmaking - Fireworks

Session: Fireworks

Time: All Day (9:00 AM to 2:30 PM for 4 days: July 5 - July 8)

Ages: Grades 4/5/6

Instructor: David Benedict, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Course Code: 9

In this first-ever Kaleidoscope filmmaking course, YOU are behind the camera! What is a logline? Team up with other cinematographers to find out. Move the camera to get close-ups, wide shots, and more. Master the art of sound by viewing movie clips, recording foley, and dubbing. Collaborate to produce a live action short film; include simple special effects. Receive a DVD with all of your class’s movies. Today, Kaleidoscope; tomorrow, Hollywood!

Cost $345.

Additional Fee: $15