Creative learning for children ages 3-13
July 2 - 27, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Where will the program be held this year?

     Pike School, 34 Sunset Rock Road, Andover, Massachusetts


2) Do I need to bring lunch for my child?

      If your child is registered for both a morning and an afternoon class, you should pack a lunch that does not require refrigeration.


3) Are there snacks that we can purchase at the school?

     Popcorn (popped with sunflower oil)

     Water bottles and juice boxes

     Slush (Fridays only) watermelon and lemon


4) If my child is enrolled in Early Care, where do I drop him/her off?

      Early Care students can be signed in at the Dining Room (cafeteria) beginning at 8:00 AM. Early Bird dropoff is at 7:45 AM.


5) Where do I pick up my child if he/she is staying for the Extended Day Program?

      You should park in the first lot on your right when you enter the school grounds. Go behind the building. (You will see basketball nets in this area.) There is a door behind the building that leads to the dining room, where the Extended Day Program is located. Sign your child out with the Director, Mrs. Colleen Dolan.

Note: All other doors to the building, including the main doors, will be locked at this time.


6) What if I need Extended Day coverage for one or two days?

      Just call our office and we will arrange to take your child from his/her afternoon class to the Extended Day Program, where you can pick him/her up by 5:00 PM. There is a per diem fee.


7) What if I need to pick my child up before the class is over?

      If at all possible, please let us know in advance, as classes sometimes go outside and/or to other areas of the building for activities. If we know you are coming early, we will be sure to have your child ready and waiting for you. Teachers may not dismiss children from the classroom without notice from the office, so please let front desk staff know if you intend to pick up early.


8) Where should I park when I drop off and pick up my child?

      There are many parking spaces in several lots on the school grounds. You may park in any spot while you pick up or drop off your child. In addition, short-term parking (in a single line only)  in front of the building is permitted. There are also temporary parking spaces on both sides of the driveway as you exit the school grounds.

     Drive-through drop-off is available from 8:40-9:00 AM on Tuesdays through Fridays only for students entering Grades 2 and higher.  Drive as far up to the front door as possible; our staff will be holding signs and will take your child to his/her class. DO NOT drop your child off before you reach the front doors, as our staff may not see them.


9) What is the cancellation policy?

      Prior to April 1, 2017, refunds are given, less the registration fee and a $25 per course cancellation fee. Between April 1 and June 1, a $50 per course fee applies. No refunds are made for cancellations after June 1, 2017. This includes extended day.     


10) Where can I purchase Kaleidoscope T-shirts?

      T-shirts are usually sold in front of the building or at the front desk at arrival and pick-up times. In addition, they are also available in the Kaleidoscope office.


11) Where is the Kaleidoscope office?

      Our administrative office is located in the Multi-Purpose Room, across from the library. To reach our office, you should enter the main doors and turn left.  


12) What should I do if my child is having difficulty separating?

      We recommend leaving the classroom as soon as possible, assuring your child that he/she will have a good time and that you will be returning as soon as the class is over. Our staff is very experienced with these issues and will do everything possible to make your child comfortable. You can wait in the lobby for a short while if you are more comfortable doing so, and we can check to see how your child is adjusting. (If you return to the classroom and he/she sees you, the situation usually worsens.) You can also ask us to call you a little later and let you know what is happening at that point. Please be sure that we will not leave your child in distress for more than a very short time; we will contact you if we feel that things are not improving. Please believe that you are leaving your child with professionals who will respect and nurture him/her in your absence. We take very seriously the trust that you have placed in us.


13) Who are the teenagers who are working at Kaleidoscope?

      Our staff of sixty-five (65) aides includes outstanding middle school, high school, and college students, most of whom have been coming to Kaleidoscope since they were very young. Most have taken our Aide Internship course as well. All are exceptional students and very caring and responsible assistants to our teaching staff.


14) Do you have a nurse on staff?

      Absolutely. Jan Chetelat, our program nurse for the past five years, is a Registered Nurse with many years of experience in the public schools.  In addition, Dr. Robert Nelken of Andover acts as our Health Care Consultant. Many of our staff members have been trained in CPR and First Aid. Your child’s health and safety is our first priority.