Creative learning for children ages 3-13
July 2 - 27, 2018

Harvard Research

The Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Psychology at Harvard University has asked for help with a research initiative to study children’s beliefs about emotions. Specifically, they are interested in understanding what children ages 10-12 believe about their own emotions and whether this is influenced by how much they understand about how the brain works. It is hoped that these findings will help parents and educators better understand how to promote strong mental health in school-age children.

Bethany Michel, the primary investigator on this project, is a former Kaleidoscope staff member. She co-taught a course for 10-12-year-olds entitled Brain Blast; she also developed and taught our first Extreme Survivor course.

This study is designed to be both fun and educational for children. In the study, children will be asked questions about their thoughts about emotions, play an online word-matching game, and watch a fun video that will teach them interesting things about how the brain works. The study takes a total of one-and-a-half hours (over two separate sessions) and can be completed from the comfort of their homes on a computer. For their participation, children receive a certificate of completion from Harvard University and they also can earn $50 in credit at ($25 per session).

This is an exciting opportunity for children to actually participate in scientific research. When the research is complete, you will also receive a summary of the study results.

If you feel that your child would like to participate, please contact the primary investigator, Bethany Michel, directly at

Thank you!