Creative learning for children ages 3-13
July 2 - 27, 2018

Kaleidoscope Responds to Parent Evaluations:

Improves website, expands offerings for 2009

Comments from Parent Evaluations of 2008 Summer Program:

“Each day I said to (my son), “Well, today could not possibly be more fun than yesterday, right?” And he always said, “It is even more fun today!” With Kaleidoscope, his summer is not only fun but educational.”

“Thank you for the difference you make with these wonderful workshops for the kids!”

“This is the first program my daughter ever attended. She has a food allergy and we were thrilled with how careful and attentive everyone was.”

“Everyone was so helpful from the moment I called about the program till the last day!!”

“My daughter loved it. See you next year!”

While Kaleidoscope loves to hear such wonderful comments, this 28-year-old non-profit enrichment program is unique in that it welcomes criticism and advice and actually does something about it! In response to parents’ suggestions, the entire website has been replaced by a user-friendly system that makes everything easy to find. Visit to see those changes. More is yet to come, including a blog from China from one of  Kaleidoscope’s popular instructors.

According to director Janis Baron, suggestions for new courses have resulted in some of the following additions for 2009: Red Cross Certified Babysitter and Basic First Aid Training; Lego Mania; Jr. Electronics; Volleyball; Off to Camp (more outdoor activities); Guitar, and much more! 

Also, Kaleidoscope plans to add several one-week, all-day intensive workshops, including Musical Theater. This class will perform a full-scale production of “Pinocchio” on a brand new, air-conditioned stage.

Next summer Kaleidoscope will hold its three (3) one-week sessions at Pike School on Sunset Rock Road from July 6-24, 2009.  Brochures will be mailed to those who attended last summer (and those who request to be on the mailing list) in mid-December.

In addition to its website, Kaleidoscope can also be reached by phone (days, evenings and weekends) at (978) 474-6232, or by mail at Kaleidoscope, Box 506, Andover, MA 01810.