Creative learning for children ages 3-13
July 2 - 27, 2018

KITE Student Survey

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Interest Inventory

Check off as many items as you wish. Mark those you are interested in now as well as those you would like to find more about.
Airplanes Foreign Countries Newspapers
Animals Furniture Outdoor Life
Archaeology Games Painting
Architecture Gardening Pets
Art Geography Poetry
Astronomy Geometry Pioneers
Balloons History Plants
Biographies Homes Politics
Biology Human body Puppetry
Building things Humor Puzzles
Business Indians Questions
Cartoons Inventions Reading
Castles Juggling Reptiles
Cats Kaleidoscopes Rocketry
Coins Kite Making Rocks
Computers Machines Sculpture
Cooking Magazines Space
Designs Magic Sports
Diaries Maps Stamps
Dinosaurs Mathematics Trains
Drawing Medicine Travel
Earthquakes Models Volcanoes
Energy Movies Water
Eskimos Museums Weather
Fantasy Music Writing
Fashions Mystery Other
Fish Mythology
Flying Nests

Please list the three items from the above list that interest you the most.

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Learning Styles Inventory

This list contains different ways of learning about things. Check off as many ways of learning as you like.
Planning a project you will work on by yourself Playing a board game that will help you learn
Working with other students on a project Hearing the teacher explain new information
Having a class discussion on a topic Reading a book in order to learn something
Hearing a guest speaker talk about a subject Having an academic contest with teams
Using a computer to master new skills and solve problems    

Activity Inventory

The following is a list of activities. Check off 5 that interest you the most.
Write a short story, play or poem Design costumes, clothes or furniture
Repair a broken radio, toy or machine Put on a show
Conduct a science experiment Build a vehicle
Print your own newspaper Learn a new language
Study the weather with charts and graphs Make up your own secret code
Put on a puppet show Keep a notebook or diary
Start your own comic strip Observe people or animals scientifically
Paint or sketch people, things or landscapes Read a book or magazine
Write a letter to a famous person    

Additional Questions

Take some time to think about and answer these questions.

Pretend you can invite any person in the world (real, historical or fictional) to your classroom. Whom would you invite?

Are you a collector?

List the things you like to collect or would like to collect someday.

If you were given $100, what would you do with it and why?

What are some of your favorite things to do when you have free time?

Describe the best project you ever made or the accomplishment that made you proudest.